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Index Investing Works!


It IS possible to invest safely, efficiently, and for no cost! Forget high broker fees, confusing algorithms, and lawyer type jargon. Below is a real life option for the conservative investor who is not happy with the sad rates of interest offered by banks, but is not willing to risk their savings or retirement in the Wall St casino.

imageReal Life Example:

John is 50 years old and inherited $100,000 from his Uncle. If John had invested those funds in the S&P 500, at age 65, John could expect to have $191,592.79 at retirement age. (this is assuming John did not have to pay broker fees or account maintenance charges. Expectations based on past performance)

If John had indexed the same amount, at age 65, he could expect to have $234,951.57! (a $43,000+ difference - John also would NOT have had any broker fees or account maintenance charges during the 15 year investment period. Again, value expectations based on past performance)

(Past performance, although safe from market declines, is not a guarantee of future returns)

Simply put, if you have money sitting in a CD, Money Market, IRA, Brokerage account, or bank account, then you should be calling Phillip to discuss this unique and profitable safe haven investment! Just call the number below or click the "Contact US" link.

Mathemagic With Indexing