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Choose The Best Critical Illness Policy

Will you Have a life changing illness?

Today, 4,000 American men and women will hear the life changing words "you have cancer."

Today, 2,100 people just like you will have a heart attack.

Today, almost 2,000 people will have a stroke and be rushed to the hospital.

Today, you can find out more about an affordable way to receive a lump-sum cash benefit upon the diagnosis of a critical illness or condition.

Assurity A.C.T. Insurance proudly endorses Assurity Life's Critical Illness Plans! Why?

  • Policy covers 12 specific critical illness's (cancer, heart attack, stroke, major burns, ect.)
  • Guaranteed renewable to age 75
  • Policy does not cancel after first claim. Up to 3 claims per person per policy lifetime!!!
  • Free full return of premium feature if policy holder dies of any cause.(less any claims)
  • Tax-free cash benefit paid directly to you to use as needed for bills, Rx costs, doctor visits, ect.
  • Choose a $5,000 - $50,000 benefit option.
  • Simplified underwriting. No paramed exam. Policy is issued in just days.
  • Living Return of Premium and Waiver of Premium riders optional
  • Add a spouse and/or children to your policy

Would you like more information on this terrific product? You can Contact Us, or you can click HERE to get a simple immediate online quote. Feel free to use this site to privately shop for yourself an AD&D, disability, critical illness, or partcipating whole life policy quote! You must contact us to apply. Applications are simple, fast, and can be done online or over the phone for your convenience.