Health Coverage & Alternatives



The New Health Coverage Option that is Unique and Responsible. You can enroll at any time, so what are you waiting for? Click the Medi-Share Logo for a fast quote. Questions? Call Phillip at (912) 437-5433 or click the "Get a Quote" tab.


Health Insurance Important Info:

Due to the failure of Obama-Care (ACA Plans) both to provide quality Health insurance options, as well as the failure of the insurance companies to compensate agents for all the work we do, at this time we will be providing assistance with Health Insurance Marketplace enrollments on a per application fee basis. 

However, we will and do offer catastrophic, and alternative plans for those wishing to avoid the Marketplace, Subsidies, and Obama-care in General. Click the "Medi-Share" link above for a fast, free quote on alternative coverage.

Call Phillip @ (912) 437-5433 to discuss your health options for the remainder of 2018, and what your options may be for 2019.